Dehumidifier heater with regulation

Spot heating against high humidity.

These heating tubes with a diameter of 20 mm are available in 2 lengths and resulting power. Length 600 mm with 25 watts and length 920 mm with 38 watts. Mounting with 2 pieces of brackets with a minimum distance of 10 mm from other components. To ensure that the heating element(s) is/are only switched on when required, the 230 V connection is made via a socket regulator with freely adjustable rel. humidity.

When installing the unit, make sure that there is sufficient distance from other components. The rods themselves are designed for continuous operation and reach temperatures of around 60°C. Unattended continuous operation should be avoided. If necessary, the electrical connection can be coupled to the control of the organ blower.

The radiant heat emitted by the dehumidifier heating rod can prevent unnecessary malfunctions of mechanics or also prevent damp corners in organs from mold.

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Dehumidifier heating rod 600 mm long 230V/25W with socket regulator
84,50 €
100,56 €