Brochure grinding machine

High quality mobile adjustable speed hand grinder for grinding and polishing metal organ pipes. Equipped with versch. Fleece grinding rollers in the working width 50 mm and the cloth polishing rings for this width strung from 10 mm wide individual rings. The speed adjustable polishing hand machine has a robust gearbox and an ergonomic handle, which is important for this application. A great help for refurbishing oxidized prospect pipes by a new grinding pattern or as a machine help for polishing up.

The transversely positioned very fine grinding roller enables, similar to the use of finest steel wool, an even longitudinal grinding even on large pipes. The advantage of machine processing is a consistent grinding pattern and processing in an acceptable amount of time. The machine can be easily guided longitudinally over large metal pipes due to the retaining bracket located above the roller, or you can clamp the machine firmly and guide the pipe over the roller.

This surface treatment is a possibility to give really heavily oxidized and dirty metal pipes an even appearance. In our experience, darker stains caused by oxidation in particular are deeper in the surface and cannot be removed with polishing alone. This layer can be reached and sanded away by using the finest steel wool or the sanding rollers. After any grinding, the shiny surface must be restored by polishing, as desired. Due to the modular construction of the polishing roller from individual cotton rings, this polishing roller can also be kept narrower and thus also enables the processing of upper labia between the possibly existing beards.

The polishing roller made of single 10 mm wide cotton rings can also be found by clicking on Cloth roller.

It is conceivable to attach a vacuum cleaner brush to the roller housing for coarse suction of the polishing dust. Suitable vacuum cleaner brushes can be found by clicking on Vacuum Cleaner Brushes.

For your own protection, please observe respiratory protection with appropriate masks, especially for such grinding and polishing work.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Cloth roller 100 mm for brochure grinding machine
25,85 €
30,76 €
Prospecting and polishing machine with 50 mm roller width incl. versch. Accessories
565,00 €
672,35 €
2 pieces sanding fleece roller 50 mm wide gray very fine grain 600
32,50 €
38,68 €
2 pieces sanding fleece roller 50 mm wide brown normal fine grain 280
28,50 €
33,92 €