Cone branding iron electric

Electr. heated cone insert with 60° angle for mobile firing of pipe stem bores.

The 60° cone insert made of copper for a max. firing cone diameter of 28 mm is installed in an ALK heater 200 Watt 230 V.

Also available with a 90° cone insert for an extra charge (difference price 60 to 90°).

The sep. cone inserts can also be purchased separately and installed in your suitable ALK flat soldering iron by yourself.

Cone inserts or complete units with narrow pointed inserts can be found by clicking on Burning cones for wind guide bores.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Copper taper insert 90 degrees up to max. D=35 mm
64,80 €
77,11 €
Cone branding iron electr. complete 200 W 230 V with 60° cone
109,50 €
130,31 €
Copper taper insert 60 degrees up to max. D=30 mm
36,70 €
43,67 €