Brightness luxmeter

Brightness controls or the recording of ideal lighting conditions at workplaces, living rooms, etc. or comparative measurements are no problem with this device.

With a measuring rate of 2 x per second, automatic zero point calibration, range switching, HOLD function and resolution of the display of 0.01 lux a helper for all consultants and technicians.

Measuring range 0.00 - 40,000 lux Outer dimensions: 196 x 54 x 33 mm Weight: 240 g

Delivery includes 9 V block battery

Notes on the use of the lux meter: The meter with its measuring probe is placed on the surface to be measured, such as floors, tables, walls, etc.. The light falling there is measured with the unit of measurement lux. Required values for lighting are specified in DIN EN 12464-1. Here are some general values: storerooms, cellars, etc. 50 lux corridors, general entrances from 100 lux workrooms for craftsmen 200 - 300 lux work surfaces for mechanical work incl. work on machines 300 - 500 lux technical work surfaces, assembly, etc. 500 - 700 lux precision work, quality control 700 - 1000 lux examination, calibration, etc. up to 5000 lux

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Brightness luxmeter meter
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