Japanese scroll knife

Advantageous cutting tool due to optimal power transmission and high sharpness for leather, paper, felt, fabric... with die-cast aluminum handle and rotating blade guard.

Total length 150 mm, blade diameter 45 mm, blade thickness only 0.3 mm, blade replaceable. Spare blade available separately.

Especially soft flat materials that are difficult to cut cleanly with a knife or scissors, this super-sharp rolling blade is ideal. Due to the rolling cutting edge, the soft material is not displaced during cutting.

In combination with the self-healing cutting mat super cutting results.

Because of the low contact edge, our cutting ruler inversch. Lengths a useful addition.

This article can only be delivered in limited quantities of max. 3 pieces per orderer. Thank you for your understanding!

Product variants
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Scroll knife with jap. blade
22,60 €
26,89 €
Replacement blade for jap. scroll knife
6,40 €
7,62 €