Leather nuts half round

The leather nuts with special advantages!

These semicircular leather nuts in diameters of 6, 8, 10 or 11 mm can be screwed onto the threaded wire immediately without any preparatory work. The hole is designed for threaded wires with an outer diameter of 1.8 mm. For 1.65 mm wires, the lacquered version is recommended, as the hole is slightly smaller there due to the lacquer. For stronger wires, you can drill out the leather nut accordingly. By punching out of thick approx. 5 mm cowhide, there is no unnecessary compaction and the thread easily cuts itself into the leather. Please refer to the adjacent picture. These leather nuts can also be easily loosened later. The material displaced by the thread causes additional holding over a longer period of time, which is noticeable by a small "crack" when loosening.

As a precautionary measure for damp rooms, we offer an additional varnish coating for an extra charge (Cat. No. B8100). This varnish is additionally mold-inhibiting, since humidity condenses especially on thread wires and the area around the leather nut thus tends preferentially to mold formation.

Leather nuts without a center hole are available in size D=10 mm. Wherever our drilled leather nuts cannot be used because the thread wire is too thin, you can switch to this undrilled variant and drill the appropriate drill hole yourself. These can also be ordered from the shop under Cat. No. B8110OL.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Leather nut D= 8 mm 100 pieces - price 2022 -
18,70 €
22,25 €
Leather nut D= 10 mm 100 pieces - price 2022 -
19,90 €
23,68 €
Leather nut D= 11 mm 100 pieces - price 2024 -
21,30 €
25,35 €
Surcharge for 100 pieces lacquered leather nut
5,00 €
5,95 €
Leather nut D= 6 mm 100 pieces - Price 2022 -
17,90 €
21,30 €
Leather nut half round D=10 mm without center hole 100 pieces
20,60 €
24,51 €
Surcharge for 100 pieces of lacquered leather nut from 1000 pieces of one size
3,00 €
3,57 €