Portable electric hoist

Transport or assembly to max. 3.3 or 4.9 m is possible with this lift in the form of a tripod, which can be easily carried by one person even over narrow stairs, saving time and effort. The device is made of robust aluminum and has a load capacity of 90 - 130 kg on the rectangular lifting platform in the size 74 x 44 cm, whose lateral outer parts can be folded inwards for narrow applications. The 4 tripod feet can be adjusted to the floor conditions. This makes it possible to set up on steps or stairs or uneven hard floors, even outdoors. The electrically operated cable winch with a lifting speed of 0 - 8 m/min. is infinitely variable. This can be operated from a safe distance via a longer cable. In case of power failure, operation is also possible via a crank. With a net weight of only 21 or 38 kg and handy external dimensions, this lift fits into any vehicle and is quickly ready for use. The unit can also be set up directly in front of a wall so that the platform can be raised close to the wall. The larger unit (CM520) is equipped with brakable wheels on the feet and center column. On the standard CM340 unit, wheels for the tripod supports are available as accessories. The platform of the basic version can be extended with stirrup-like tubes on both devices. We deliver these lifting devices in the basic version and also with the available accessories.We will be glad to give you further information,please ask us!

Power connection 220 V alternating current Loading height at bottom 97 or 112 cm Foot area max. 1.0 x 1.1 or 1.4 x 1.4 m Lifting capacity CM340 up to 3 m height 130 kg, up to 3.3 m 120 kg Lifting capacity CM520 up to 3 m height 140 kg, up to 4 m 130 kg, up to 4.9 m 90 kg

Free delivery in Germany! Non-EU countries cannot be supplied. With us2% discount is possible fordomestic deliveries!

December 2021 again equipment in stock!

Do you look for a gernerellen overview over our versch. Lifting equipment, then please click in our digital catalog with the following linkLifting/Transportation.

Please note further information available as pdf-file below. There you will find information about operation and further detailed information with pictures. With the following link you can find application and These links are not in our responsibility!

If you are looking for a lifting device for glass installation, e.g. on winter gardens, we can offer you theelectric glass lifter CA 400 GL. This device has a greater stability, which is especially necessary for glass mounting, which is sometimes inclined. The complete device is offered with 4-fold glass suction system and additionally with platform similar to the CM lifters. For more information, please click on pdf info sheet Glaslifter CA 400 GL below. For your information, you can find the current price below. We kindly ask you for your inquiry also because of the current delivery time or if you want this device without glass suction system only with platform.

For theCM-Lifts 340 and 520 a2-foldglass suction unit, which can have a distance of up to 1.5 m, is available as an accessory. This can be used for small panes up to max. 60 - 80 kg for overhead mounting. The glass pane is held by the vacuum glass suction cups. Well applicable for elongated glass panes on conservatories, which should however be guided by hand by turning and tilting during assembly due to the insufficient tilting stability of the lift. For glass assembly on conservatories and canopies a great help, although normal lifting and assembly work is also possible with the platform.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you looking for another assembly device or assembly lift? Please inform yourself on ouroverview. For overheadpanel assembly we offer a similar device, theelectr. panel assembly lift. Furthermore we offer a drill stand for much easier overhead drilling e.g. for ceiling hangers, lights, installations etc. Please click onoverhead drill stand.

Asaccessories for both sizes of the portable assembly lift we offer theattachment for plate mounting and also sep. the platform extensions and wheels for the small CM340 lift. You can find the accessories and their prices below. Some of these accessories are already included in the price.

Further below you will find an overview of all available KSF lifts as pdf-file. Please ask us for further information.

further info

CM-Lift Info.pdf Info sheet KSF CM-Lifter.pdf KSF UEbersicht Website.pdf

Info about glass lift CA 400 GL

GLASLIFT - CA 400 GL.pdf

Info about pane lift

KSF_Slice lift_1.jpg KSF_Slice lift_2.jpg

Instruction manual

KSF CM340 and 520.pdf

CM340 in use

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Accessories Glass attachment for CM lifts with 2 mech. suction lifts for distance up to 1.5 m, for small panes up to max. 60 - 80 kg - only available in connection with lifting device delivery -.
KSF CM 2 V Glasaufsatz
810,00 €
963,90 €
Glass lift CA 400 GL with 4-fold suction and lifting platform - free domestically -.
3.650,00 €
4.343,50 €
Accessories 4 pcs. wheels for CM340 - only in connection with a CM hoist delivery -.
KSF CM Räder
78,60 €
93,53 €
Accessories Panel attachment for mounting ceiling panels, etc.
375,00 €
446,25 €
Accessories Platform extensions by means of plug-in pipe brackets for CM340 or CM520 - only available in connection with a lift order
96,50 €
114,84 €
Portable electric hoist CM340 basic version up to 3.3 m height incl. platform and carrying bag. Domestic delivery free of charge!
1.340,00 €
1.594,60 €
Portable electric hoist CM520 basic version up to 4.9 m height incl. platform and wheels. Domestic delivery free of charge!
1.680,00 €
1.999,20 €