Milling machine for wooden pipe lables

Universally applicable device for the cleanest cut-outs in wood and plastics.
Particularly suitable for pipe organ making due to the inclinable material support for the production of wooden pipe tops.

Your existing hand router (any model) is attached to the table, which is mounted in a ball bearing-guided cross support and enables guided routing over the entire working area. The substructure contains an inclinable material pick-up table. This enables parallel milling as well as milling that plunges into the material at an angle.

In pipe organ construction, this inclinable material support allows the necessary beveled upper lips to be milled even on the finished glued wooden pipe. This also makes it possible to machine the wooden pipe core for voicing.


  • High-quality threaded spindles
  • Cross support with ball bearing guides
  • Jig housing and supports made of aluminum plates
  • various Stops and cubes

Working dimensions:

max. width of the wooden pipe 245 mm
max. height of the wooden pipe 250 mm
Max. milling width approx. 228 mm
max. milling length approx. 400 mm
max. weight approx. 70 kg

The appliance should be placed on an approx. 40 cm high wooden base, which is not included in the scope of delivery.

Further information on request. Not a stock item. Please enquire about delivery options.

Manufacturing price (2020) without base frame and without transportation approx. 7,500 Euro without VAT.

We are also happy to support your own construction! You can also build the base frame with the inclinable material holder yourself from stable veneer panels. We would then only supply you with the cross support for holding your existing hand router.

Please contact us if you are interested. THANK YOU!

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