Sack truck with lifting platform

Lifting heavy loads should be avoided! Protect yourself and your employees when transporting and loading large packages and equipment.

With this special sack truck made of aluminum with large rubber wheels (D=250 mm) and a movable platform or as an accessory with adjustable forks by means of a cable winch, the transport and lifting of loads up to 120 kg or with the forks up to 150 kg e.g. on truck beds, vans, shelves or work tables is a gentle variant. The rolling of the tipped sack truck is also very comfortable thanks to the large wheels and the tipping due to the wheel axles located far back.

The platform can be adjusted from approx. 6 cm to 100 cm and the forks from approx. 10 cm to 105 cm by means of the crank of the cable winch in a power-saving way. Please note that the load capacity within the device is also available at lifting heights above 60 cm, but the lateral stability limits the maximum load. If you are looking for a lifting and assembly device for up to 180 kg and lifting height up to 3 m, we recommend the low-pricedsmall assembly lift BD1.

The winch attached to the mast is equipped with an automatic brake. The external dimensions of the operational hand truck are 71 x 51 cm and a height of 132 cm. Dead weight 20 kg.

The platform has a size of 400 x 420 mm respectively the forks are 37 cm long and can be moved from 32 - 59 cm in width. The hand truck can be reduced in size for self-transport by folding up the lower outriggers and the platform.

An inexpensive auxiliary device that has many uses! For packing reasons, the hand truck is mostly pre-assembled. Upon receipt, the winch on the mast, the handle bar and the loosely supplied platform must still be screwed or hooked in.

The folded hand truck can also be stored very space-saving in the transport vehicle. Due to the necessary dead weight, please note when loading that this is tilted over the loading edge and can thus be pushed with much less force on the loading area.

Further info by an external video over the following link:

If you have an area of application that this sack truck cannot cover, please inform yourself about our other lifts such as thesmall assembly lift BD1 or thefork lift GL. By clicking on the colored term you will be redirected to our respective website.

If you are looking for a general overview of our different lifting devices, please click here. If you are looking for a more detailed overview of our different lifting devices, please click on the following linkLifting/Transporting in our digital catalog.


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