USB digital pocket caliper

The ever-growing task of documenting historical organs in organ building also requires the use of today's measuring technology. Recording the pipe diameters and other parameters, especially on smaller pipes, is a time-consuming task.

The digital radio caliper with i-Stick from PREISSER simplifies and speeds up the work. In addition to the most accurate digital display of numbers, the digital pocket caliper offers the very advantageous possibility of transmitting the measured values immediately by radio to an Excel program in a PC or laptop etc. without any number transmission errors. For this purpose, the free software MarCom Professional offered in the download or via keyboard codes in any Windowsapp is available.

Reading errors and transmission errors are greatly reduced with this current technology, the recording is significantly faster and in addition, the data is immediately available in digital form for further evaluations.

Digit. Wireless Caliper Set consists of DIGI-MET pocket caliper IP67 with integrated wireless, i-Stick USB receiver with integrated wireless and download offer for software MarCom Measuring range: 150 mm LCD display:11 mm Accuracy to DIN 862 Cross points, locking screw, depth gauge round, stainless steel Data output via radio Zero setting at any point Switching mm/inch possible Measured value transfer directly to MS Excel (from version 97) or text file. Data transfer via PC keyboard or key on the gauge or optionally via foot switch

PC system requirements: Windows 7/8/10, MS Excel from version 97, IBM AT compat. PC

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