Heating rod for manual keyboards

Warmth at the workplace is also a basic requirement for organists during the cold season. With this heating rod, the direct environment of the manual keyboards can be warmed up a little bit in a gentle way and thus allows the organist relief at very low room temperatures.

With a tube diameter of only 20 mm and 2 retaining clips, these 600 mm long resistance heating tubes can be easily installed above the manual keyboards, e.g. under the music stand, or even between the manual keyboards, with a minimum distance to other components. With only 25 watts of power, a pleasant radiant heat is delivered to the fingers. This is equivalent to the radiant heat of a hot water radiator and therefore cannot cause any damage to the surrounding console parts. The black tube itself reaches a temperature of approx. 50° C.

Electrical connection 230 V with 3.2 m long connection cable and Euro plug. This way the cable can be led to a switchable socket in the organ or the free-standing console. Regarding installation possibilities please note the pdf-drawing clickable below.

Delivery only via specialized trade!

Please note as an interested party and user that this special heater requires a certain amount of purchase advice from organ builders. Please also note that there will be additional costs for delivery and installation.

We grant the specialized trade a usual discount on the prices shown below. However, this is only a compensation for the procurement costs. The installation will be charged by the specialized companies according to the time spent.

We are at your disposal for further information!

Installation drawing

Key heating drawing.pdf

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Heater rod for keyboard area 600 mm long 230 V 25 Watt
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