Leaning ladder from wood

Wooden ladder with stiles made of knotless softwood 65 x 25 mm and rungs made of ash 43 x 20 mm. Outer width 41.5 cm. Rungs concealed interlocked with the stiles, neatly sanded and individually packaged. The untreated wood is suitable for various surface treatments.

Beam length from 1.92 m to 4.16 m corresponds to 6 to 14 rungs.

The lengths with 12 and 14 rungs must be built from 2018 according to regulation with a lower crossbar. This must be supplied and used. Only in case of a permanent upper fixation and a risk assessment the lower crossbar may be missing. If in your case this crossbar may be missing, please inform us when placing your order. The price reduction is 12,-- Euro without VAT.

If you want to hang the ladder with hooks on the top, we recommend the separately listedsteel hooks for hanging depths up to 50 or 100 mm.

The packing costs are included in the price. If you order3 single ladders, you will get10% discount.

Note for new customers: Delivery only possible against prepayment!

Deliveries abroad only possible with high transport costs and possibly customs clearance costs on request.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Wooden lean-to ladder stile length 1.92 m 6 Spr.
96,80 €
115,19 €
Wooden lean-to ladder stile length 2.48 m 8 Spr.
112,40 €
133,76 €
Wooden lean-to ladder stile length 3.00 m 10 Spr.
AHL 10
132,80 €
158,03 €
Wooden single ladder stile length 3.60 m 12 spr. with lower crossbar
AHL 12
185,30 €
220,51 €
Wooden lean-to ladder stile length 4.16 m 14 spr. with lower crossbar
AHL 14
219,70 €
261,44 €