Professional slotted screwdriver set

Slotted screwdriver with the so-called shovel blade according to the Swiss standard! 6 pieces professional screwdriver with high quality red plastic handle made of special plastic. A swiss quality product!

The special shovel blade engages positively in the screw slot. Compared to standard slotted screwdrivers, which are pointed at the front and can only grip selectively, the so-called shovel blade enables a full-surface attack in the screw slot due to the parallel blade piece. This prevents any damage to the slot by distributing the force over the entire width of the slot. Furthermore, the corners are rounded. This prevents damage to the screw slot and allows an even larger attack surface in the slot.

Cutting edge widths 3.5/4.5/5.5/6.5/8.0 and 10 mm

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Professional slotted screwdriver set 6pcs. with precise blade by PB-Baumann CH
69,80 €
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