Vacuum cleaner brush set with natural hair bristles

Ideal soft vacuum cleaner brushes with natural hair (horsehair). Ideal for dry cleaning of large and small surfaces.

Our set is also equipped with an additional set of mini nozzles and brushes with a connection for the vacuum cleaner hose. Ideal for cracks, narrow gaps or in pipe organ construction for core gaps on pipes.

The large natural-hair vacuum cleaner brushes are suitable for 32 and 35 mm pipe holders. Corresponding reduction rings or a transition pipe are included. The 30 cm long parquet nozzle, also fitted with natural hair, is ideal for cleaning large areas. Ideal for case surfaces when cleaning pipe organs.

The 5-piece basic set includes: 1 x 30 cm long parquet nozzle, 1 x various reducers, 1 x oval nozzle. Reducing pieces, 1 x oval vacuum cleaner brush, 1 x round vacuum cleaner brush, 1 x multi-piece mini nozzle set with connection accessories

Individual brushes from this inexpensive range are not available separately.

If you are looking for individual vacuum cleaner brushes with the finest soft goat hair, please click on the colored term.

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5pcs. vacuum cleaner brushes basic assortment with accessories - cheap assortment price -.
34,20 €
40,70 €