Brass tuning horns

Tuning horn turned from brass with inserted brass grip. Tip and cone angles are the same. The inner cone is turned smooth up to the tip. The balance between the head and foot sections enables quick turning when tuning!

If you want to store these tuning horns sensibly, we recommend the tool roll bag.

The tuning horns are available individually in three sizes or as a 3-piece assortment.

small medium large
length 185 mm 210 mm 250 mm
largest diameter 20 mm 30 mm 40 mm
point angle 30 degrees 34 degrees 38 degrees
Inner cone angle 30 degrees 34 degrees 38 degrees
Handle diameter 10 mm 12 mm 15 mm

Tuning horns in long form

as above, but with longer handle pieces as a special version. These are a useful addition for professional tuners who already use the identical standard length tuning horns. This makes it easier to reach the pipes to be tuned in the case of very narrow pipe divisions, e.g. for mixtures.

Please note the limitations of such long tuning horns. They are more difficult to turn quickly and require more space above the pipes.

Total length large 290 mm, medium 270 mm, small 265 mm

Tuninghorn hammer available with head and foot part of the smallest tuning horn.

We can offer you a key holding block for permanently pressing the manual keys. Furthermore, various so-called automatic key presses are now available, which allow you to tune alone without a second person at the console. For more information, please click on the colored term.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
middle tuning horn made of MS 210 mm long
38,60 €
45,93 €
small tuning horn made of MS 185 mm long
31,10 €
37,01 €
3pcs set of tuning horns from MS No. 010/011/012
110,00 €
130,90 €
large tuning horn made of MS 250 mm long
47,50 €
56,53 €
3-piece set of long tuning horns made of MS (custom-made)
155,00 €
184,45 €