RYOBA Japanese saw

RYOBA Seiun 210, the universal saw for fast, clean and precise cuts in wood.

The new way of sawing! The advantages of Japanese hand saws are their sharpness and sawing on "pull". The flexible saw blade allows cuts in places that cannot be processed with other saws.

The saw blade is toothed on both sides. One side for longitudinal cuts, the other for cross cuts. If this high-quality saw blade is blunt after many cuts, it can be easily replaced with a replacement saw blade. Re-sharpening is not possible because of the hardness and also not useful.

This high quality saw is still supplied with the rattan wrapped unscrewable wooden handle. Also available alternatively and cheaper with a hard plastic handle, but with the same high quality saw blade.

Total length 540 mm
Blade length 210 mm
Blade thickness 0,45 mm without serration
Cutting width 0,7 mm

Replacement saw blade for RYOBA Seiun 210 also available.

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
RYOBA Seiun 210 jap. plain saw with rattan wrapped unscrewable handle
44,70 €
53,19 €
Replacement saw blade for RYOBA Seiun 210
22,40 €
26,66 €
RYOBA Seiun 210 jap. uni saw with hard plastic handle unscrewable
29,80 €
35,46 €