Global table membrane press standard

For series production, we can supply you with various sizes of tabletop membrane presses from Global or MSM. For series production we can supply you with various sizes of table membrane presses from Global or MSM. These are available as stand-alone or folding models with different membranes made of polyurethane 0.75 mm transparent, gray rubber/natural rubber 2 mm thick or transparent silicone membrane with temperature resistance up to 230 ° C and a max. elongation of 850 %. First detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website at

For film processing, a membrane press that can be heated by means of a hood is also available, as well as equipment for the forming of acrylic mineral materials such as preheating ovens and corresponding vacuum presses.

If you are interested, we will be glad to send you more information and prepare an offer. Please specify your requirements when making an inquiry.

If you are looking for analternative table press, we can also recommend the use of a VacuPress bag with a zipper that can be opened on 3 sides. By inserting a stable plane plate into the cover/bag, you have similar conditions as with a table membrane press and beyond this you can also use the bag for free large curved parts as well. You can find corresponding bags underVacuPress vacuum bags. If you do not have a vacuum pump of another machine already in operation, we will supply you with the corresponding VacuPress pump in ourcomplete offer. If you have an existing vacuum pump, please order a connection hose in addition to the bag.

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