Leica DISTO D510

The Leica D510 stands for simple and effortless distance measurement outdoors and has several additional functions that make professional measurement much easier for you, even compared to many laser distance meters now on the market.

The D510 is equipped with a target camera with 4x zoom and color display for optimal measurement target acquisition even in bright sunlight at great distances. In addition, the D510 features 360° tilt measurement, which greatly simplifies indirect length or distance measurement in addition to easy angle definition. With Bluetooth Smart, the transfer of measured values to electronic devices for further processing is no problem. Devices for further processing no problem.

The new D510 offers the following measurement functions: minimum and maximum measurement, continuous measurement, addition/subtraction, area and volume measurement, easy recording of area measurements even of polygonal rooms, indirect measurements using Pythagoras, horizontal distance even over obstacles, trapezoidal measurements, etc. A device that has a solution for almost all distance measurements even from a certain distance. An essential aid for architects, craftsmen, civil engineers, scaffolders, civil engineers, surveyors, etc.

Measurement accuracy +/- 1.0 mm Range from 5 cm to 200 m Inclination sensor 360 ° Batteries 2 x 1.5 V AA up to 5,000 measurements Digital Pointfinder, recall of the last 20 measurements, self-timer, illumination of the display, tripod thread made of metal

Dimensions: 143 x 55 x 30 mm 198 g

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