Our service for you with laser cutter

All types ofholes, whether round, square, oval, free ornamental shapes, figures, etc. can be cut out quickly and with the cleanest edges using this new laser cutting technique. It is also possible toengrave wood orengrave/inscribe Plexiglas and real glass. Wood of veneer thickness up to approx. 15 mm, felts, leather, cardboard, plexiglass etc. can be cut out. It is possible to cut out ornaments, decorations, elaborate inlays or sealing plates for appliances and engines, dashboards of special models, high-quality interior parts for cars etc., molded parts for stands, drawer inserts, architectural models made of hard cardboard etc. Plexiglas can be cut out, engraved/inscribed and also bent. Ideal also for large panels for exhibitions etc. Engraving/inscription on real glass is used on glass doors, mirrors, glass panels, etc. Compared to foil sticking this variant is clearly more durable. Please see our photo for a Plexiglas sign with elaborate ornamental engraving on the back and a colored foil inscription. We can offer you such signs incl. mounting as a signpost, door sign or even large signs for exhibition descriptions according to your templates. Please contact us for this purpose.

In organ building, an application in the entire console area is conceivable, starting with stop panels, music stand surfaces openwork or as inlay work, music stand surfaces made of Plexiglas or real glass incl. engraving, ornaments, company names, stop names burnt or cut, etc. Also conceivable are so-called veil boards made of wood with ornamental patterns or geometric grids. Optimal, because the thickness of the wood is not a problem despite thin webs, the edges are already smooth due to the processing. In the technical field, it can be used for the production of roller valve surfaces or support surfaces of leather flap valves. Plates for wedge bellows with feed hole can also be cut out quickly and with the cleanest edges. Further the precise production of sealing surfaces with the versch. Furthermore, the precise production of sealing surfaces with the various holes for tapered bellows, e.g. from molleton cloth or similar, is possible.

For all processing only CAD drawings or scanned line drawings are required, which can be read into the machine. The laser always follows the drawn line. Advantage of our available machine is the size with a surface of 1200 x 2200 mm. Thus large parts can be processed or also small individual parts can be produced rationally by the surface utilization.

As a price calculation value please calculate with laser cutting with approx. 0,05 Euro + VAT per 10 mm cutting length without material and transport costs with order cutting lengths from 20.000 mm. Below this value, we charge according to time and effort. Thin materials have a faster processing time and are therefore cheaper.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us! Please call us at 0049 (0) 7551 1607 or send usan e-mail regarding your application and question.

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