Multi LED hand lamp

Bright very robust battery LED hand lamp with front and side even dimmable point light source.

The built-in battery is charged with the usually available cell phone chargers. Further, the battery can in turn be retrieved as a power source for cell phones.

The handy housing can be fixed anywhere with 6 different options and can therefore also be used as external lighting for assembly work.

1. clipable, multi-locking bracket 2. suspension hook, foldable and rotatable 3. belt loop 4. magnet at the bottom of the bracket 5. magnet at the back of the housing 6. tripod thread at the bottom of the bracket

The light output can be selected on the switch button on the back, and the luminous intensity can be individually adjusted using the dimming function. Additional red light with flashing function.

Light duration with full battery approx. 3 - 4 hours. Brightness front 170 lumens, side 500 lumens.

In the action we offer you this "hand and assembly light" until the end of Nov. 2020 very favorable. The delivery is limited to 3 pieces per customer.

Plug-in power supply for charging cable of the multi-LED hand lamp available as an accessory at a favorable price. Available however only in connection with a lamp delivery.

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Special promotion until the end of 2021 for max. 3 pieces Multi-LED hand lamp
15,00 €
17,85 €
Multi LED hand lamp with charging cable, without charger - normal price -.
20,00 €
23,80 €
Socket charger for USB plug (accessories only in connection with lamp delivery)
6,90 €
8,21 €