Micro cork surface sealant

Surface sealing material as EVA micro cork board, ideal because this material is dense and soft in itself and looks similar to cork.

EVA has rubber-like flexibility and high aging resistance. This material is also used for shoe insoles and can be used in the temperature range from - 50 to + 60° C.

In pipe organ construction useful for all kinds of surface seals that are fixed on top of each other, such as in plate covers of wind-guiding systems or blunt duct joints, etc. The material can be easily cut with a knife or rolling knife.

Material thickness 3,0 mm Plate size approx. 60 x 180 cm

We deliver this sheet material rolled up.

If you are looking for strips of this material in 15 mm width, click on sealing strips of "microcork".

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Surface sealing material made of EVA microcork sheet Roll of 60 x 180 cm, thickness 3 mm approx. 1.1 m²
19,80 €
23,56 €