Laminate / design floor cutter

With this lever cutter you can cut PVC tiles or design flooring strips or laminate and thin wood panels to length quickly and without dust. Compared to simple laminate cutters from the DIY sector, this device works with a parallel sharp blade. This makes it possible to cut even thin and also soft materials such as felt, hard cardboard, plastic, paper stacks, etc. Due to the parallel cutting, a high cutting pressure is required. Therefore, the maximum material thickness that can be processed depends on the width of the material to be cut. The device allows material thicknesses to be cut up to 15 mm. However, laminate panels made of hard MDF or wood panels can only be cut sensibly up to a maximum material thickness of 8 mm, depending on the width. Thin or soft materials are no problem up to the maximum cutting length and cutting height.

If you are looking for a device for cutting panels up to 18 mm thick to length, bevel cuts and also for length cuts, we can recommend a low-cost alternative, the panel saw. For this you will find below some self-explanatory photos.

The laminate cutter has a blade length of 325 mm for max. 320 mm cutting length. Angled cuts are also possible up to the max cut length.

Despite its own weight of 7 kg, the sturdy device is completely easy to transport. In addition, the lever can be easily removed. The replaceable and resharpenable HSS blade cuts everything from paper to hard MDF material. The parallel blade guide prevents shifting during the cutting process. This advantage is especially appreciated for thin and soft materials and enables precise cutting of even narrow strips without extra hold-downs.

A professional helper for clean and fast laying of floor or ceiling panels and many cutting jobs of paper, cardboard, hardboard, felt, leather, plastic, thin plastic sheets, real wood veneers, solid wood, wood-based materials, etc.

On the following website you can find a user video

The HSS cutting blade can be removed and resharpened. A tool sharpening company in your area that also sharpens planer knives or paper cutting knives can help you. If you still need a replacement knife, we can supply that as a spare part. However, we supply spare parts only for equipment purchased from us.

Please also note the novelty "Spacers for laying laminate and prefinished parquet flooring without wedges". Further, the laminate mounting clamp is a good help when laying laminate panel. See the photos below and how to order it.

Instruction manual

BA Laminate cutter.pdf

Laminate Flooring Mounting Clamp Photos

Panell saw photos

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Replacement knife for knife cutter no. 17120 225 mm long
16,50 €
19,64 €
Replacement knife for knife cutter no. 17130 325 mm long
21,80 €
25,94 €
Panell saw for material thickness up to 18 mm incl. spare HM saw blade
186,50 €
221,94 €
Professional laminate / parquet cutter model 325
192,80 €
229,43 €