Leather chamfering machine

With this table device the long sides of leather strips or also leather edges of larger pieces can be chamfered in a simple way.

The leather thickness and thus the distance from the knife to the counter roller can be easily adjusted with two adjusting screws, and the bevel of the knife and thus the bevel width can be easily adjusted with the other adjusting screw. The entire knife block is lifted from the counter roller by means of a lever (Fig. 4) for inserting the leather. After inserting the leather, it is returned to the preset position. Now the leather can be pulled through as with a sewing machine. A small retaining bracket is used to rest the edge of the leather to be processed.

It is not a machine, but a device for rational chamfering of leather edges. Ideally, the leather is not too thin and not extremely soft. Sheepskin from 1.2 mm, like our sheepskin strong for bellows, can be processed with it. Strips of thin and soft leather like our sheepskin or lambskin require a very sharp chamfer blade. With some experience in handling this tool gives good results.

Supplied in a plastic case with spare blades and other accessories.

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10 pcs replacement blades for leather chamfering machine
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Leather chamfering machine compl. in case price 2013
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