HUTAN - the chassis for your existing pallet truck

Pallet trucks are now available almost everywhere and are very good and useful mobile transport devices. It becomes problematic when no smooth floors are available and a pallet or pallet cage still needs to be moved.

With the HUTAN, the inventor has created a very practical and simple solution to this problem. The HUTAN chassis with large pneumatic tires (D=25 cm and 85 mm wide) takes the forks of the pallet truck together with its wheels and thus changes your existing pallet truck into a pallet truck with large pneumatic wheels. From now on, your pallet truck together with its load is also suitable for off-road use. Uneven pavements, floors, even firm gravel places and dry green areas can be driven over without any problems.

An ideal accessory for transport companies when delivering and collecting palletized goods, transports in open warehouses paved only with stones e.g. in sawmills, scaffolding, construction companies, landscaping, agriculture etc. even in winter when there is a thin layer of snow.

The dead weight of the HUTAN is only 17 kg and it can be easily carried as an accessory on transport vehicles. When used, it is inserted into the pallet openings and from the other side your existing pallet truck with standard fork length of min. 115 cm and 220 mm minimum fork spacing, outer fork width 52 - 54 cm and a minimum payload of 2000 kg.

Optimize your pallet truck to a universal transport device for pallets and pallet cages.

Deliveries to other European countries only with additional costs of 20 Euro plus the pure transport costs.

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
HUTAN Chassis for pallet truck with big wheels - free inland -
435,00 €
517,65 €