Wind regulator cord

This very high quality "Technora" braided line with a diameter of about 1.75 mm in beige hemp color is ideal for the requirements as a wind regulator line or anywhere with mechanical transmissions movements by means of cords.

This braided yarn made of "Technora" differs from other high-performance aramids in that it has excellent primary and secondary properties. This material has superior advantages in fatigue, abrasion resistance, chemical stability and temperature resistance. Further, the elongation value is very similar to that of steel and is less than 1%.

An ideal "cord" for the requirements as wind regulator cord!

For more information about this material, click on the pdf file below.

We supply this wind regulator cord in units of 10 and 50 running meters. If you need even longer units, please send us your inquiry and we will offer you the desired quantity.

Furthermore, we can also offer you pulleys made of wood.

Background knowledge about wind regulator cord

Wind regulator cord from Technora.pdf


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
10 running meters of Technora braided cord wind regulator hemp colored D=1.75 mm
12,80 €
15,23 €
50 running meters of wind regulator cord made of Technora braided lines hemp-colored D=1.75 mm
56,80 €
67,59 €