Single key pusher for manuals and pedal

The "Tastenhansel" replaces the human keystroker for tuning work of manual and pedal stops (only one device) and automates a less demanding auxiliary work with today's control technology.

The Tastenhansel is placed in front of the manual keys or above the pedal keys by means of separate feet. For quick operations on manuals, it can also be placed on the organ bench seat without extra feet by means of an accessory. The individual keys are pressed according to the stored specifications using the long pusher arm for the manual keys or the short one for the pedal keys. Key divisions or manual circumferences can be set individually on each organ. Whether you have narrow or wide key divisions or manuals up to f³, g³, a³or c4, or pedal keyboards with parallel or radial keys with individual divisions or circumferences, is no problem with this keypress. During the installation you let the device play the lowest and highest note and enter the data accordingly, the rest is done by the stored data especially adapted to the different keyboard types. The rest is done by the programming, which is especially adapted to the different types of pianos. Already taught-in pitches or ranges can be recalled from the memory.

The small handy radio remote control (45x87x15mm) controls the high quality servo motor by radio from your tuning position, according to your working speed without delays. Your sequence of desired sequences, semitone, whole tone, interval steps, etc. is precisely implemented by the industrial quality stepper motor. The pressure force of the arm is more than sufficient even for heavy action or when tuning via couplers is required. In the manual up to 1500 g and in the pedal up to 4000 g are possible. The advantage of this "arm technique" is that the force is not limited and that the keyboard keys next to the arm can be accessed at any time.

An automatic keypress for tuning work in manual and pedal in conjunction with an electron. Tuner or the reference register.

The set up of the key hander is simple and can be done in max. 10 minutes. Due to the long manual arm, multi-manual playing systems can also be reached. For the use on a pedal piano, only the Tastenhansel has to be moved downwards on the frame and the shorter pusher arm has to be inserted. Further modifications are not necessary and thus allow a quick change between manual and pedal use. All keyboard keys of different types can be operated with only one device. Due to the radio transmitter, you as the tuner determine the working tempo and have no dependencies.

For transport, the Tastenhansel is currently safely stored in 2 sturdy cases with all necessary components.

Delivery time normally 2 - 4 weeks. Delivery in Germany free of charge.

Design changes compared to descriptions and photos remain reserved.

Further information gladly on request also by telephone and or possibly with a local date.

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Instruction manual

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