Oak pipe chair support

Pipe chair support, grid pegs, grid feet made of oak available in cylindrical shape.

Distance dimension without tenon 125 mm. Tenon diameter approx. 12 mm. Tenon length at the bottom 15 mm and at the top 20 mm. Spacer diameter 20 mm.

We deliver these individually or in a 500-pack currently 30,-- Euro cheaper than single purchase!

From now on only this continuous cylindrical shape is available.

If you are looking for wooden pipe feet or lid handles for wooden pipes similar to the former Laukhuff offer, please contact us.

Please note: In order to have a good fit of the peg in the pipe stem and the grid board, due to the different wood hardness of both the pipe stem support and the peg hole material, the appropriate bore diameter for the peg hole should be determined by test drilling compared to the existing pipe stem support. Experience shows that the mortise must be a few tenths undersize, depending on the specification.

If you are looking for ones with other dimensions or wood species, it is advisable to produce your own round shapes by using round bars with a diameter of 20 mm and cutting the two tenons with a tenon cutter. We can deliver smooth round bars in oak, beech or pine from 10 pieces in length 100 cm. Please ask us!

Further you can rework our cylindrical standard pipe chair supports for individual optics at the middle part yourself on a lathe or turning lathe e.g. with double groove, cove etc.

Product variants
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Pipe chair support oak cylindrical from 1 pcs - unit price -.
1,00 €
1,19 €
Pipe chair support oak cylindrical 500 pcs
470,00 €
559,30 €