Dent removal disc for large cyl. metal pipe bodies from 100 mm diameter

Especially when working directly on the organ, the question of a simple way to remove dents from front and inner pipes arises again and again. Pipes up to 4' in length can usually still be worked on with easily transportable pipes. Larger diameters and lengths would require long and thick pipes, which are usually not available and difficult to transport.

With the so-called bulging disc for inner pipe diameters from 100 to at least 140 mm and a thinner mounting rod made of steel or wood, a device for a working place directly at the organ can be made possible.

We have provided the dent removal disc made of 20 mm thick steel with polished edges for 3 diameter sizes. The mounting rod with a maximum diameter of 70 mm, which can also be made up of different diameters, is used horizontally or vertically. The disc is fixed to the rod by means of the 16 mm center hole for M-16 or a suitable wood screw, pointing upwards according to the desired diameter. The 3 further holes with 6 mm are intended for a provisional fastening e.g. at a possibly also angular wooden rod. In the application, the cyl. pipe body with at least 100 mm inner diameter is pushed over the polished edge of the disc up to the dent. There, the disc acts as an internal polishing steel with which pressing and pulling the dent can be formed.

An auxiliary tool that, due to its small size and weight, can be carried at all times during cleaning and service work. A long wooden rod, preferably made of bendable wood, can usually be found on site or can be obtained from a wood shop or hardware store. Compared to large and long steel tubes for this work an easier way.

Instruction manual and hints

BA dent removal disc.pdf

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Bulge disk for cylindrical metal pipe bodies from ID 100 mm - special price until 15. 6. 2024 -
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Bulge disk for cylindrical metal pipe bodies from ID 100 mm - Price 4-2024 -
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