Ring clip for threaded wires

With the ring clip you can provide brass wires with coarse regulating threads. The ring crimper is particularly suitable for producing individual thread wires. Larger quantities should be produced with the professional thread rolling machine Cat. No. 51000. In the picture above you can see a good thread wire result with the ring clip, below one produced with the thread rolling machine.

With the ring clamp you can also quickly produce a broken taper wire on site, so it is a tool that should not be missing in your service tool kit.

Available for coarse right-hand thread or for coarse left-hand thread.

Please also note our turning device for the ring clamp under Cat. No. 52100

Are you looking for a general overview of different threading tools? If you are looking for a general overview of different devices for the production of thread wires, please click on the following linkThread Wires in our digital catalog.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Ring clamp for coarse right-hand thread
86,50 €
102,94 €
Ring clamp for coarse left-hand thread
98,50 €
117,22 €