GLÜHFIX - Restoration Helper

Screws or nails stuck in wood due to rust can be loosened and made detachable with this device. The larger Glühfix devices are no longer available. In practice, however, the smaller following device has proven to be a good substitute.

The electric pin and screw heater is adequate for use on nails, iron wires, etc. It is also a transformer, which gives a weak voltage of 2 or 3 volts on the secondary side, but due to the short circuit across the metal to be worked, heats it.

The basic unit includes the transformer and 2 annealing rods with cable connection for the transformer. During use, safety precautions such as protective gloves, safety goggles, water bottle for cooling and supervision of the workpieces until they cool down, as there is a risk of fire, must be observed.

Further info also for handling can be found in the operating instructions available below.

For spot heating of thin iron-mechanical wires, the pliers have proven themselves, as the wire can then be clamped between the two jaws. The two pins are only of limited use, better suited for screws and nails are the annealing rods. Available as accessories.

Instruction manual pin annealer

BA Pin and screw heater.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Pair of annealing rods w. cable for pin and screw heaters No.55100
98,40 €
117,10 €
Electric pin and screw heater. Transformer 220V/2-3V incl. pair of annealing rods with connection cable.
396,80 €
472,19 €
Pliers for pin and screw heater No.55100
85,20 €
101,39 €