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The heating screen for free-standing installation at organist stations directly behind the organ bench at the player's back. A high-quality piece of furniture made of a real wood veneered oak panel with solid oak frame, swivel feet, clear lacquered and built-in high-quality surface heating panel with electrical connection via 230 V plug cable. Ideal wherever the screen has a visual function in addition to its most important function of providing direct heat for the organ player.

The panel heating plate integrated into the screen starts from the organ bench seat when it is positioned at the same level as the organ bench and is therefore particularly suitable for heating the back, the most effective heating for this situation. If this is not sufficient, we recommend an effective heating plate under the pedal piano in the middle area directly below the foot area. If there is a problem with draughts in the foot area due to local conditions, we recommend the foldable upright heating panel as a so-called "enclosure". This can be set up angled to the right or left around the organ bench.

As an alternative to this heating screen in a high-quality design, we can offer you a version with a similar heating efficiency at a significantly lower price. This is a flat panel that is also fitted with our infrared heating panel at the appropriate height and can also be positioned freely directly behind the organ bench using the additional removable metal feet. If the lower case of the organ or a nearby church wall, a parapet or a rear positive is located behind the organist and the distance is no more than 20 cm, this can also be used without feet. This is available in 2 heights. The lower one allows the organist a view into the nave. By clicking on the colored terms, you will be redirected to the corresponding website for further information.

Data of the oak wood warming screen: Size: 118 cm high x 79 cm wide x 3 cm thick 2 rotating feet, which can be positioned max. 12.5 cm forwards or backwards Electrical connection via mains cable for 230 V with standard plug Power consumption only 230 watts The rotating feet allow individual, stable positioning even in narrow areas or on uneven floors behind the organ bench. If the top is not needed in summer, the feet can be turned flat to the frame and everything can be stored flat in another place to save space.

A timer socket is also available as an accessory. Please click on the product name to find out more.

Delivery only via specialist dealers!

The costly returnable packaging and domestic transportation to the billing address are included in the price of this screen!

As a prospective customer and user, please note that these special heaters require a certain amount of purchasing advice from organ builders. Please also note that additional costs are incurred for delivery and installation.

We grant specialist dealers a standard discount on the prices shown below. However, this is only a compensation for the procurement costs. Installation is charged by the specialist companies on a time and material basis.

We are happy to provide organ builders with further information!

Please also note our range of individual surface heating panels for installation on organ benches, knee panels or under the pedal keyboard.

The former "upright" version is no longer available!

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