Soldering iron variable toroidal transformer

The robust control device for soldering irons in the metal pipe workshop.

This device is not a so-called electronic dimmer, but a "mechanical" regulator of AC voltages by means of a variable transformer. The continuous tap on the copper winding allows a very even power supply for the soldering iron and is therefore highly appreciated by well-known metal pipe makers.

A maximum of 2.5 amperes output current may flow. This means that a max. of one electric soldering iron with 575 watts and 100 % power may be connected. If a consumer with higher power is connected, the output power at the controller must be throttled accordingly.

Housing made of sheet steel painted gray with external dimensions of 200 x 160 x 175 mm as a stand-alone unit for the workbench.

Protective contact socket, fuse and connection plug with 2 m cable. 230 V

Weight approx. 5,0 kg.

Are you looking for a general overview of soldering irons and control devices, then please click in our digital catalog via the following link metal pipe making.

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Soldering Iron Controller/Ring Modulating Transformer for 230 V Version 2022
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