Punching pad

Ideal base for clean punching with the ring punching irons, Henkello irons or disc punching irons.

The thin PE HD (polyethylene) plate, only 2 mm thick, serves as a support of a stable solid base suitable for the punches of the punching irons. The smooth surface of the punching pad is slightly scored by the punch, thus enabling a clean punching result even with thin materials, while the punching blades are not subjected to excessive additional stress. The plate can be used on both sides and is simply replaced after too many notches.

We supply these cutting boards either individually or at a lower price in a 5-piece pack.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Punching pad PE HD 500x300x2 mm
4,80 €
5,71 €
5 pcs. additional punching pad PE HD 500x300x2 mm
20,50 €
24,40 €