Burning cone set 13pcs.

13 pieces 60° single taper for bore sizes D= 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12/14/16/18/20 and free taper without tenon up to D=30mm for very large pipes. Delivery includes wooden stand for storage.

With these cones made of steel and a high-speed pillar drilling machine, you can rationally and cleanly produce the cones for metal pipe stem drilling. Ideal for rational new production!

Please note the following advantages of this technique:

  • Bore and bowl are fired in one operation. No further finishing work is required, thus saving time.
  • The firing cone centers itself by its tang.
  • The inner surface of the bore, which is also fired, enables better wind flow and thus advantages for intonation.

Since 2021, we have been producing these useful firing cones without the rim of the plate as a depth limiter. Although this seems advantageous, it causes an imprint on the stock veneer due to the hot cone, which has to be removed again. Since the depth limiter of the cone can also be adjusted via the depth stop available on the pillar boring machine, we see it as more advantageous to no longer attach this depth limiter directly to the tool.

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Firing cone set 13 pcs. for pipe stick boilers incl. stand
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