LED standard music stand light

Thin rod-like music stand light with LED strip lighting technology. 42 bright double LEDs in a warm white light color, distributed over the length of the cut-out of the rotatable glare tube, provide eye-friendly illumination, low power consumption (only approx. 5 watts) and good illumination of the music stand and the immediate surroundings.
We use high-intensity LEDs that are closely spaced on the circuit board and provide approx. 800 lumens of light output as a 50 cm long strip, resulting in full-surface illumination on the music stand. Due to their design, LEDs are very durable, although the necessary upstream electronic components such as circuit boards, resistors and power supply units are unlikely to outlast the LEDs. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that our lights will have a long service life, as it is possible to replace the light source in our lights. Even in the distant future, our light housing can be re-equipped with similar light sources, possibly of an even more modern type.
The swivel-mounted glare tube with a diameter of just 18 mm has a delicate appearance and blends in very well with the appearance of the console. Ideally, the baffle/light tube should be positioned 40 cm above the support rail of the music stand. If it is positioned too high, the player may glare, if it is positioned too low, high notes may be turned over.
In the standard version, the two bracket shapes "straight" and "free-standing, bent at right angles (90 degrees)" are available. In the alternative version with other bow shapes.

Standard version with cover tube length 640 mm, hole spacing of the fixing tubes 620 mm from center hole to center hole. The standard bracket shapes available are "straight" for horizontal installation and "free-standing, bent at right angles (90 degrees)". With a length of 400 mm, the straight mounting tubes can be installed with variable projection. The right-angled bent tubes for free-standing installation are approx. 450 mm long vertically and can be shortened if required. The projection towards the player is 300 mm, allowing good illumination even of keyboards that are not covered by the music stand, without the lamp tube being an obstacle for the player.
The free-standing light is supplied with a pair of mounting rosettes. These are attached to the console housing behind the music stand using a nut fitted from the inside. The straight light is supplied without rosettes, as these are not needed in most cases with projections of up to approx. 25 cm. The 8 mm tubes are drilled into the wood and locked from the inside. If you do not have your own locking option, we also offer extra fastening material. If you have a larger projection than 25 cm, we recommend using the attached rosette for stability; please order this as an accessory. If you require our curved fixing tubes as an alternative look (photo at the bottom), please order these as an accessory pair at an extra charge on top of the standard version.

Delivery always includes power supply unit for electronic connection to 100 - 240 V luminous flux with EU flat plug. The cable length from the socket to the lamp input is at least 2.0 m. This means that the switchable socket can be installed in a suitable place in the console housing or organ base. If you need a longer cable from the power supply unit to the lamp, you can extend our low-current cable yourself or order the 1 m extension cables as accessories.

Available finishes are "matt nickel" (similar to the pewter pipe leaflet or like stainless steel) and polished and colorless lacquered brass.

We can offeralternative lamp lengths for special requirements in 4 further lengths. All other dimensions are identical to the standard version.
The longer version (800 mm) is based on the length of the manual keyboard, with or without keyboard bolsters, and is clearly outside any existing music stand mountings or movable music stand brackets.
The extra-long design is made possible by coupling 2 standard blend pipes. This results in a total length of 1254 mm. This version has a third mounting tube in the middle and is also suitable for use outside the keyboard if there is a particular need for light. The hole dimension for the fastenings is 1234 mm from the center to the center of the external fastening points.
The special length with a pitch of 527 mm (lamp length 545 mm) for easy replacement of earlier T2 neon tube lights from our competitors. We only offer this special length in polished brass and clear lacquered finish. Currently no surcharge compared to our standard length!
The 336 mm lectern light (320 mm pitch) can also be used on music stands for small organs. Click on lectern light for more information.

Dimmer for brightness control available. This dimmer with rotary knob in a sealed housing can be easily installed in the power supply line from the power supply unit to the light using an adapter plug. This allows the brightness to be regulated either permanently or directly by the user as required. You can use the brightness luxmeter to determine the brightness on the keyboard and music stand.

Easy-to-install LED light strips are available to illuminate the pedal playing area. If you are interested, please click on LED light strips.

Delivery via specialist dealers!

Please note that our music stand lights require a certain amount of installation work. We would also like to point out that the lighting rod should not be positioned too high above the music stand, as there may then be a risk of glare despite the rotating glare tube.

We grant specialist dealers a standard discount on the prices shown below. However, this is only a compensation for the usual procurement costs. The time-consuming installation is charged by the specialist companies on a time and material basis.

Dimensioned drawing

LED music stand light 635 01.pdf
LED music stand light, double-length.pdf

Installation instructions

LED music stand light instructions 01.pdf

Complete overview brochure

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
LED music stand light extra long straight without rosettes "MS polished and lacquered". 125.4 cm long
601,00 €
715,19 €
LED music stand light extra long freestanding angular curved with rosettes "MS polished and lacquered". 125.4 cm long
675,00 €
803,25 €
Shorter LED music stand lamp 550/527 brass pol. + frbl. lacquer freestanding 90° angular bent arms and Bef.rosetten
469,00 €
558,11 €
Fixing rosette with surface nickel matt - unit price -.
34,80 €
41,41 €
LED music stand light special length 800 mm free standing angular bent brass pol. + colorless lacquer incl. rosettes
597,80 €
711,38 €
Dimmer with rotary knob in housing for LED desk lights
19,50 €
23,21 €
LED music stand light special length 800 mm freestanding angular curved in nickel matt incl. rosettes
568,30 €
676,28 €
LED music stand light standard (640 mm) freestanding angled curved in nickel matt with mounting rosettes
439,50 €
523,01 €
LED music stand light standard (640 mm) free standing angular bent brass polished and colorless lacquered with mounting rosettes
469,00 €
558,11 €
LED music stand light extra long straight without rosettes "nickel matt" 125.4 cm long
571,50 €
680,09 €
LED music stand light extra long freestanding angular curved with rosettes "nickel matt" 125.4 cm long
645,50 €
768,15 €
Fixing rosette made of MS pol. with colorless varnish coating - unit price -.
38,90 €
46,29 €
Surcharge for freestanding version with bracket shape "arch" -pair price- in brass or nickel matt
32,00 €
38,08 €
Brass surcharge per desk light reduced from 1. 10. 2023
7,50 €
8,93 €
LED music stand light standard (640 mm) straight made of polished brass and clear lacquered without mounting material
400,70 €
476,83 €
LED music stand light standard (640 mm) straight in matt nickel without mounting material
371,20 €
441,73 €
LED music stand light special length 800 mm straight made of polished brass and clear lacquered without mounting material
528,00 €
628,32 €
LED music stand light special length 800 mm straight in matt nickel without fixing material
498,50 €
593,22 €
LED music stand light special length 550/527 brass pol. + frbl. lacquer. horizontal installation with straight 400 mm long arms without fixing material
400,70 €
476,83 €