Pfohl bucket for surfaces

Proven glue applicator in 3 roller widths (75, 150 and 200 mm) and various roller types. Roller types for versch. Materials incl. storage stand available.

The advantages lie in the evenly metered glue application even on curved surfaces. Sponge rubber rollers are soft and therefore the standard roller for white glues, paste, etc., so-called water-thinnable glues.

The sponge rubber roller with ribbed, non-porous surface is also suitable for white glues, but only for glues with added hardener. Due to the thinner glue application, it is well suited for veneer work.

Furthermore, solvent-resistant roller types are available on request, so that contact adhesives etc. can also be processed with them.

As a standard, we supply Pfohl glues with a sponge rubber roller. The sizes with roller width up to 150 mm are supplied with a die-cast glue pot, the width 200 mm with a stable plastic glue pot. Unfortunately, the width 45 mm is no longer produced! As an alternative to flat edge gluing, our Leimfix can be used. If you want to glue toothed edges, the width 75 mm with narrower sponge rubber roller can also be used.

Please also note the gluebox "Rollfix". Ideal for quick gluing of edges or long narrow parts. Please click onRollfix for more info.

Info about rollers

Cabbage rollers.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Pfohl glue with sponge rubber roller 200 mm wide roller
245,60 €
292,26 €
Pfohl glue with sponge rubber roller 150 mm
215,10 €
255,97 €
Pfohl glue with sponge rubber roller 75 mm
210,80 €
250,85 €
Surcharge for delivery with foam rubber roller 150 or 75 mm wide
19,50 €
23,21 €