Mounting accessories for sheet music and lectern lights

On this page you will find our separately available mounting parts, some of which are already included with the free-standing music stand lights (Rossettes).

For the attachment to the organ case, the chest filling or on the lid of the free-standing console, we have developed suitable Rossettes and mounting inserts for visible or invisible attachment of the 8 mm thick holder tubes. Horizontal fixings with normally small projection of the light tube of up to 15 - 20 cm do not need an extra rossette for stabilization. A direct drilling of the holding tube into the wood and there mostly an invisible locking inside the housing is in our eyes the most elegant optic. If no sensible locking is possible within the housing by means of a grub screw pressing at right angles onto the holding tube, we recommend our invisible brass fastening insert. If it is only possible to create such a fastening from the outside because there is no space inside, we recommend our hemispherical visible fastening inserts. These act like a retaining knob and can be mounted entirely from the outside. For horizontal projections of the luminaire tube of more than 20 - 25 cm we recommend the use of the fixing rosette. This is also useful in most cases when the luminaire is mounted vertically on the console. This should only be omitted if the vertical mounting tube can be drilled into a separately mounted block with a minimum height of 40 mm. This is the only way to ensure the necessary stability of the lamp angled towards the music stand.

Rosette: Made of brass with threaded shaft D=12 mm for fastening by means of enclosed nut. Holding shaft for the holding tube with outer diameter 13 mm and Minimaden screw for fixing the inserted holding tube. Visible length after installation 65 mm. Available in brass polished and colorless lacquered, nickel matt and on request in silver gray or black stove enameled.

Spherical and visible fixing insert: made of brass and colorless lacquered with grub screw for fixing the holding tube. Visible diameter of approx. 25 mm and hemispherical elevation of approx. 9 mm, with threaded shaft D=12 mm/M12 approx. 10 mm long for drilling in. This threaded shaft is also suitable for gluing into a corresponding blind hole.

Fixing insert angular for invisible installation: Made of hexagonal brass with wrench size 24 mm and grub screw for fixing the holding tube. Provided with 10 mm long threaded shaft D=12 mm/M12 for drilling. This can either be screwed into a suitable hole or glued into a corresponding blind hole. Useful as an invisible fastening within when direct fixing of the lamp holder tube via a grub screw pressing on it at right angles is not possible or not desired.

"Boot" fixing tubes: 350 mm long tubes in polished brass and colorless lacquer with an outer diameter of 12 mm and a 50 mm deep 8 mm hole on one side for inserting the standard fixing tubes of our lamps. The use is useful where a higher stability is needed for lamps protruding horizontally from the housing or for the curved mounting tubes with extra long projection (see following description). These boot tubes should be drilled at least 50 mm deep into the wood and glued in place. It is possible to shorten the tubes on one side at any time on site.

Extra large projection for free-standing play tables with fold-back lids. For this situation, we offer our angular 90 degree bent mounting tubes with a projection of 600 mm as an accessory for an additional charge. In most cases, the rosette or at least the vertical mounting tube can then be attached to the very back of the gaming table lid. With the max. lamp height of approx. 50 cm the hinged lid can be moved underneath the lamp. For more information and ordering options, click on long mounting tube, can be ordered at the bottom as an extra charge.

Delivery via specialized trade!

Please note that our music stand lamps and its mounting material require a certain amount of assembly. Please also note that the lighting rod should not be positioned too high above the music stand, as there may be a risk of glare, despite the rotatable glare tube.

We grant the specialized trade a usual discount on the prices shown below. However, this is only a compensation for the usual procurement costs. The time-consuming installation work is charged by the specialist companies according to the time and effort involved.


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Accessories rosette for lamp orifice painted silver gray - unit price -
29,50 €
35,11 €
Pair (2 pcs) insert for invisible brass fixing
11,80 €
14,04 €
Fixing rosette with surface nickel matt - unit price -.
34,80 €
41,41 €
Pair of "boot" mounting tubes 350 mm long AD 12 mm Brass polished and colorless lacquered.
69,30 €
82,47 €
Pair (2 pcs.) spherical insert for visible fixing made of brass colorless lacquered
29,90 €
35,58 €
Fixing rosette made of MS pol. with colorless varnish coating - unit price -.
38,90 €
46,29 €
Surcharge for angular bent arms for 600 mm projection in brass colorless lacquered - pair price -.
38,50 €
45,82 €
Brass hemisphere fixing part colorless lacquered
15,80 €
18,80 €