Wooden rasps hand hewn sharp

Hand-hewn fine-bladed rasps in various designs. designs enable very fast and force-saving chip removal even with hardwoods.

The irregular superfine hand cut No. 5 results in a very effective chip removal, because especially with hand hewn rasps these result in an irregularity due to their hand production, which results in an additional effectiveness. These fine rasps are used by wood sculptors, woodworkers and also in organ building especially for the adjustment of the grid board holes for the optimal hold of the metal organ pipes.

We offer these in half-round and round shapes. Each provided with a lacquered wooden handle.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Hand rasp half round pointed with finest hand cut no. 6 in 200x20 mm with lacquer. Wooden handle
43,20 €
51,41 €
Hand rasp with finest hand cut no. 6, round D= 8 mm cut 190 mm with lacquered wooden handle. Wooden handle
35,60 €
42,36 €