Aircontrol - Indoor air quality monitoring

CO2 Monitor AIRCO2NTROL Coach from TFA for monitoring CO2 concentration in rooms.

Very useful everywhere where people stay longer in rooms, such as schools, offices, workplaces, public facilities, etc.

In addition to air temperature and relative humidity, the device regularly measures the CO2 value in ppm. This is crucial for the ability to concentrate and the well-being and in times of Corona especially important regarding the necessary air exchange to reduce the virus load.

The Aircontrol shows the exceeding of the limit value in color on a large scale via the display. If the CO2 concentration is below 800 ppm, it is optimal room air quality and the device lights up green. If it is between 800 and 1400 ppm, it is medium indoor air quality and the device lights up yellow. If the value rises above 1400 ppm, ventilation is required at the latest. The device warns by a red shining display.

Furthermore, the average values of the past 24 hours are displayed in a bar chart over a period of 3 hours. Also can intermediate limit values over up to 7 versch. Colors of the display as a clearly visible indication. The exact CO2 value in ppm, the room temperature, the rel. humidity and the time are displayed numerically.

Measuring ranges: CO2 0 - 9999 ppm rel. humidity 1 - 95 % Temp. 0 - 50° C

Size 105 x 33 x 56 mm for standing or hanging Housing color white, weight 93 g

Delivery incl.130 cm long micro USB cable for power connection to all USB sockets of e.g. PCs, tablets, power banks etc. or via socket chargers like for tablets, cell phones etc. with DC 5 V >300 mA

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