Paper cutter

With this simple precise parallel lever cutter you can accurately cut stacks of paper like in a print shop!

Compared to conventional sword paper cutters, this device works with a parallel lowering knife over the entire cutting width of 320 mm. The material to be cut, and thus also a stack of paper with the max. cutting height of 15 mm, remains in place during cutting without slipping. This allows cuts of only a few millimeters on whole stacks of paper, as well as paper stack cuts exactly to your specifications.

The blade has a length of 325 mm, resulting in a maximum cutting length of 320 mm. Sheet sizes of DIN A 4 are therefore no problem.

The cutter can also be optimally used for hardboard, thin plastic sheets, thin wooden sheets, veneers, felts, foam, PVC sheets, leather, etc.

This parallel cutting technique allows you to cut exactly on a given line.

If you want a replacement blade, please click laminate cutter.

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