LED light bar for screwing on

This LED track light is ideal as a screw-on complete light or as a replacement module for our earlier neon music stand lights with a 35 mm diameter trim tube.

Ideal in organ building for illuminating the pedal playing area or as maintenance lighting. Several light rails can be connected in the 24-volt low-current range and supplied from a single power supply unit in an accessible location.

For maintenance lighting in the pipe organ, this enables simple cable routing in the 24 V low-current range with very low currents (only 0.2 amps per light tube). The power supply unit is connected to the lighting mains via a socket at a central point.

You can supply up to 4 LED tubes with the stabilized power supply unit with 1 amp and 24 watts that we supply as standard. If more than 4 light tubes are to be supplied together, we recommend the larger stabilized power supply unit with 3 amps and 72 watts. With this you can supply up to 10 such LED light tubes.

Please note that our lighting technology requires a certain amount of installation work. We grant specialist dealers a standard discount on the prices shown below.

Further information and ordering options via the following link LED light tracks.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Connection cable power supply to light strip 50 cm long with round plug
3,80 €
4,52 €
LED light tube semicircular 540 mm only with 100 cm connection cable without power supply etc.
61,20 €
72,83 €