Tuning wedges

Versch. Types of tuning wedges allow the individual damping of the adjacent strings during tuning.

Rubber wedges individually or contiguously for tempering or a single wedge made of plastic with tensioning effect or NEW again a wedge made of solid wood.

This wooden wedge with leather coating is also angled accordingly so that the wedge can be inserted between the hammers, especially in the treble range. Wooden wedge made of solid wood in high quality workmanship with 2 different ends, one side with so-called fork.


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Temperature tuning wedge 13 add. hang. Rubber wedges
16,50 €
19,64 €
Tuning wedge single rubber approx. 90 mm long
0,95 €
1,13 €
Treble tuning wedge both sides made of solid wood covered with leather approx. 250 mm long -new price from 7-2016-.
10,60 €
12,61 €
Nylon tuning wedge with spring
8,60 €
10,23 €