Rotating device for ring clip

This rotating clamping device for mechanic wires enables faster and more effective work during thread machining using ring clamps.

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The heart of the machine is the small quick-action chuck on the cannulated axle, connected to a large handwheel with crank. The axle is supported by means of a pillow block bearing with ball bearings, screwed onto a solid mounting block made of painted beech. This can be fixed on a workbench by means of a screw clamp.

The advantages of this turning device are the short tensioning of the mechanism wire and the elegant, well controllable mechanical turning movement via the large hand wheel. The turning device can also be used very well for unscrewing leather nuts. Compared with the use of electr. drilling machines, this device is more precise and gentle to the thread in the leather nut due to the hand movement.

Diameter of the hand wheel:200 mm
Quick chuck:0 - 3 mm clamping
Axis height:150 mm above table
Outer dimensions:250 x 250 x 250 mm
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Rotating device for ring clip
230,00 €
273,70 €
Turning device for ring clamp complete with ring clamp for right-hand thread
300,00 €
357,00 €