Vacuum envelopes to open with zipper

With this new sack version, gluing with fast cycle times is particularly possible.

It is made of the usual stabletransparent PU material, which in bag form is open not only on the two narrow sides, but on 3 sides. The closure is made by a very special zipper, the tightness of which is in no way inferior to the normal "C on tube" closure. This very important criterion of tightness, which is the basis of all vacuum gluing techniques, has been optimally taken into account in this very useful zipper variant.

In terms of handling, this bag, which is open on 3 sides, can almost replace a table membrane press. The flat base plate is wrapped with the bag and placed on a table or trestle. When the press is not needed, everything can be stored in a very small space and is not in the way.

For us an ideal alternative to a table membrane press with price and space advantages.

There are 2 zipper bag sizes available with each 2 vacuum connection nipples in one of the flat sides:

Standardbag size flat approx. 135 x 257 cm Press capacity flat max. 125 x 240 cm.

LargeBag size flat approx. 165 x 317 cm Pressing capacity flat max. 152 x 302 cm

With these sacks, even heavily overbent shape gluing is possible without any problems. If you need a connection hose or a vacuum pump, please clickVacupress

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Zipper bag 125 x 240 cm 3 sides openable 0,75 mm PU
VP Zipp Standard
1.480,00 €
1.761,20 €
Zipper bag 152 x 302 cm 3 sides openable 0,75 mm PU
VP Zipp Groß
1.680,00 €
1.999,20 €