Tool grinder

New type of wood tool grinder for chisels, carving chisels, plane irons, carving knives, etc. dry grinding on a flat surface without annealing - this is what the new WS3000 offers.

Slow rotating plane grinding wheel, which can be used from above and below and additionally has an angle adjustable fence for grinding chisels and plane irons. The grinding wheel has as basic material a plane glass disc, which is provided with self-adhesive grinding cloth discs on the top and bottom. This also allows for very different grit sizes. In addition, there is a slotted special disc, which allows visual grinding. Grinding is done from below and the surface to be processed can be seen from above. A very good control is possible with this technique.

Further information and a user video can be found on the manufacturer's website

Scope of delivery:
1 pc. Worksharp WS3000
2 pcs. hard glass carrier discs
1 pc. PSA sanding sheet set with 2 pcs. P120; 4 pcs. P400; 4 pcs. P1000
1 pc. sanding sheet Micro Mesh P3600
1 pc. sanding sheet carrier slotted, sanding sheet set with 1 pc. P80; 2 pcs. P400; 2 pcs. P1200
1 pc. spare sanding sheet for lapping surface
1 pc. crepe block Operating instructions Operating DVD

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