Overview of our various music stand lights

We are happy to provide you with an overview for your selection here.

In addition to the two surface variants, we offer you 2 mounting variants, the "straight" for horizontal mounting and the "free-standing" for vertical mounting equipped with "LED lighting technology". In addition, as an optical alternative, we also offer special mounting tubes such as "straight bent" and "free-standing bent", various mounting inserts and, in the case of the rod-like versions, a range of mounting options. In addition to the standard length (640 mm long tube) of the rod-like LED lights, we also offer a longer version that fits on the keyboard jaws (800 mm), a double-length version (1254 mm) and, since 2019, a shorter special length (550 mm) that fits on the mounting dimensions of earlier bar lights from competitors with thin (approx. 7 mm) neon tubes.

All our music stand lights have a rod-like design to ensure that the music stand and its immediate surroundings are well illuminated over a wide area. The respective glare tube(s) can be rotated and adjusted to provide glare-free lighting. The light color of all light types is based on a warm color tone, similar to that of light bulbs.

We offer 2 versions to adapt to the respective console situation:
The "straight" version for horizontal mounting on so-called pushed-on play tables or play niches. The fixing tubes with a diameter of 8 mm are simply inserted into a suitable hole in the wood and locked in place. Depending on the situation and projection, our rosette or a hemispherical fastening insert can also be used. The projection is variable during installation. Either a screw that presses transversely onto the tube can be used for fixing inside or the fixing insert with grub screw that we offer can be used.
The "free-standing" version is intended for separately standing play tables for attachment to the horizontal play table lid. The rosette(s) supplied are invisibly attached to the inside of the lid using a large nut and then accommodate the 8 mm thick curved fixing tubes. The height can be reduced by shortening the vertical part of the fixing tubes. It is important to ensure that the electrical cable remains intact and that any inner burr on the cable-carrying fastening tube is removed to prevent subsequent damage to the electrical cable.

The following surface finishes are available:
LED bar light available completely in polished brass and clear lacquered or with a galvanized matt nickel finish (similar to stainless steel and matching the brochure pipes).
Single-foot luminaire and the LED rod special length (545 mm) is only available in polished brass and clear lacquered.

Variants of the mounting arms:
LED rod lights supplied as standard with "straight" 400 mm long and 8 mm thick tubes or as "free-standing" with mounting tubes bent at a 90 degree angle with projection 300 mm and height incl. rosette max. 500 mm.
As a visual alternative, mounting tubes are also available for the "straight version" with slightly (45 degree) angled tubes for a maximum projection of 230 mm, but only in polished brass and clear lacquered. For the "free-standing" version, curved mounting tubes with a maximum projection of 260 mm are available in polished brass with a clear lacquer finish and in matt nickel.

Single-foot light supplied as standard with straight, slightly angled 8 mm fixing tube for max. projection of 230 mm and as free-standing version with curved tube and rosette.

Tubes bent at a 90° angle with a projection of 600 mm are also available as special accessories for desks with backward-folding keyboard covers.

Variants of the mounting options:
Our rosettes, which are always included with the free-standing luminaires, are suitable for the free-standing vertical luminaire with an arc over the music stand.
For the horizontally straight-mounted luminaire, for projections of up to approx. 25 cm, we only recommend fixing by drilling a hole directly into the wood and securing inside with a grub screw that presses onto the tube at a right angle. If this is not possible due to lack of space or other requirements, you can use our spherical inserts or rosettes for visible fixing. For invisible fixing, we also supply a square insert for drilling into the wood from the inside. Click on the headline for more information on these fixing options.

Price structure:
Our cheapest light is the single-foot light and then the rod light with 2 fixing arms in the standard length of 640 mm. The special lengths are more complex due to the small series and therefore unfortunately more expensive.

We hope that this background information has answered some of your questions and made it easier for you to make your choice. To call up the respective luminaire or its accessories directly, please click directly on the color-coded term at the top of the text and you will be forwarded to the respective article page. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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