VacuPress vacuum pump blue 6.5 cfm

TheVacuPress self-regulating, maintenance-free and oil-free rotary pump has proven itself in tough use through high performance and effectiveness. With 230 V AC connection, digit. Manometer, suction filter and water separator in the stable sheet metal housing a good basis for professional gluing with vacuum.

The size with 6.5 cfm = approx. 10 m³ suction capacity per hour is sufficient for up to three bags. The suction capacity is not decisive for the gluing result, but the evacuation of the bag, e.g. in the case of an internal gluing form with large air cushions, takes place faster as a result. With the above information, you can estimate for yourself how long it will take to empty the bag. If you are looking for an inexpensive small vacuum pump, which is max. sufficient for a bag with little open volume for vacuum production with occasional use, please click onsmall vacuum pump.

The max. possible vacuum is 686 mm Hg, automatic cut-off at 635 Hg, which allows the air pressure acting on the bag from the outside to be approx. 9 tons per m².

Delivery of the pump with suitable vacuum hose for connection to the VacuPress bags.

Type 6.5 cfm blue

10 m³/h

Width 240 mm
Height 240 mm
Length 550 mm
Weight 25 kg


Technical description

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VacuPress vacuum pump blue 6,5 cfm 10 m³ per hour incl. hose
VPP 6,5 blau
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