Reference tuner for high quality tuning work

A high-precision tone generator developed by the well-known company "Schubiger Electronic Switzerland" for aural tuning of organ pipes.

The handy device with dimensions 161 x 97 x 59 mm and 390 g weight generates reference tones from 1 to 30,0000 Hertz. These can be called up in 196 different temperaments (tunings). Furthermore, the concert pitch can be easily adjusted to the current pitch of the pipe organ at any time. It makes sense if the instrument is operated by a human keypress and the loudspeaker is located in the pipe organ.

The device has a loudspeaker output with a large power of 20 watts. Speakers with jack plugs with 4 - 8 ohms can be connected. The reference tones are adjustable in 4 different timbres. A great help when tuning the most different register timbres and helpful when tones "attract" each other.

The very important tuning with the room temperature to adapt the reference tone to the labial pipes, is possible in a wide range and is converted accordingly. Furthermore, a timer can be activated which reminds the tuner at regular intervals of any changes in room temperature. The use of an attached room temperature sensor was omitted.

The very easy to read display shows all important information. Reference tones for pure fifth and third registers etc. can also be set.

For more info, click on the manufacturer's website.

Delivery of the device without speakers, but with power supply for the power supply.

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Reference tone generator RTG4 without sep. speaker - introductory special price -.
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