Material moisture meter digital

An ideal material moisture meter with non-destructive finder and needle version. Building materials such as screed, concrete, plaster, sand-lime brick etc. or woods such as spruce, beech, birch, maple oak etc. can be measured with this dual device depending on the surface condition. To determine damp spots, you can first test with the non-destructive finder version and then, where possible and still necessary, use the needle version with hammering into the material.

Especially when measuring screeds, this method is very advantageous, as the most damp spots can be located with the finder function and thus destructive measurements using the drying oven method can usually be avoided. With the needle method, raw materials can be measured very quickly on the surface.

Measuring ranges: wood 0 - 80 %, building materials 0 - 50 % Resolution: 0,1 %.

An ideal device for all craftsmen working in construction.

Delivery incl. batteries, everything in a case.

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Material moisture meter with pin and non-contact measurement method
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