Leica laser distance meter sale

On this page we offer you our remaining stock of high quality new Leica Disto laser rangefinders.

Leica, the first supplier of such devices over 20 years ago, is still the highest quality supplier in this field. However, for many measuring applications in the trade, usable devices are now offered at reasonable prices by all kinds of suppliers and brands. Thus, these high-quality devices still make sense for professions that are constantly involved in measuring. In the meantime, the large Leica devices offer functions that noticeably simplify their measuring tasks and thus also relativize the purchase prices.

We therefore offer you our remaining stock of standard measuring instruments at the best possible price. Please click on the following links to see more details and the special remaining prices of these instruments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Leica DISTO D510

Leica DISTO D5


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